50% of profits go to pro-life causes

About Us

Hi, Ethan Moon here. I am a first-time small business owner. As of Spring 2019, this is just starting up. Like many young people, I have had a hard time landing on my feet after college. It's been especially hard because my feet have a medical condition that limits my activities and the kinds of jobs I can apply for. But now instead of waiting on someone to pick me up or give me permission, I'm making my own way to make a living from home. If it works, this will change my life! 



I really want to make this a win-win and show you some great stuff you wouldn't have found otherwise. The brand is just starting up, so there are only a few products available. I look forward to growing a larger selection of clever products for comfortable living. Until we have a lot of product reviews from you guys, we will be showing reviews collected from various sources, so comments about the customer service they experienced probably wasn't with Cozybox. Here you can shop risk free, with our generous Instant Refund policy and 60 day returns.

I'm happy to talk if you want to ask questions or give feedback on absolutely anything.  Please share us on Facebook!