50% of profits go to pro-life causes



We believe that life is precious. We put that into action by partnering with groups that make the world a safer, better place for babies.

Our Powerful Impact Model

Unlike most online stores, we don’t spend ad money on platforms that discourage pro-life voices. We rely on word of mouth, whether in-person, on social media, or through our nonprofit partners. Big corporate money, names you would instantly recognize, often donate to harmful groups that advocate against the unborn. Yet when companies openly endorse pro-life causes, it’s “too controversial”. We are a small business with no big corporate loyalties. We operate as an organic part of the pro-life community.

Instead of working with Silicon Valley, we engage in mutually beneficial partner sponsorships. We provide an organization with a discount code. When they promote Cozybox, they benefit directly from each purchase their fans and followers make. You the shoppers get a discount on some neat stuff, babies are rescued, mamas are helped, and the world becomes a cuter and cozier place.

Where Does It Go?

50% of all profits go to pro-life causes, from awareness organizations, legal action groups, and charities to support young mothers. All of our discount codes are tied to a specific charity. When you make a purchase with a discount code, the corresponding nonprofit will receive 50% of the profits of that sale. All purchases made without a discount code will benefit our selected nonprofit of the month, listed on our home page. Our discount codes do not expire and can be used again and again!

If you know a pro-life organization that would benefit from our partnership, no matter how large or small, please get in touch! Use the “Contact Us” tab or email support@cozybox.shop