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Box Cat takes Your Coins

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 A piggy bank, except a cat hiding in the box pops out and takes the coin.

With this at their bedside, your kids will be looking for any excuse to save their change. It's a great way to have a blast with your kids while teaching them the value of saving their allowance money.

Capacity:Approx 40 coins
Powered by: 2*AA battery(Not included) 
1.Turn the bottom power switch to ON position.
2.Put a coin to correct position and gently press the coin down.
3.After about one second,start-up procedure began to work.
4.The cat will push open the box cover,and its paw will take the coin into the box.
Before taking the coin out,please turn the power switch off position.  Unscrew the round cap on the bottom; do not be afraid to use a small metal item to help turn it.
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